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Commitment Requirements

FORMS 1 & 2

  • Pupils must do two sports of which one must be a team sport. Cross country and/or athletics are compulsory for all pupils
  • Pupils must do at least one club.

Note: A pupils that is considered a vital member of a team or club in Form 1 is required to continue attending that activity in Form 2.


  • Pupils must do two different activities of which one must be a team sport and the other a club.



Specific dates and fixtures will be nominated for compulsory support and pupilss are required to attend.



Excuses from activities MUST be made in writing PRIOR to the event and must have the pupil’s full name, surname and class, or they will not be accepted. Notes must be handed to the Teacher in Charge of the activity. Excuse notes for medical reasons MUST be from a doctor or qualified medical practitioner.

NOTE:     Both pupils and parents/guardians are encouraged to get fully involved in the sporting and cultural life of the School.

Owing to school transport constraints parents/guardians may be requested to transport pupils, when necessary, to nearby venues especially at weekends.

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Our purpose, as a Bible – based Christian Educational Community, is to glorify God through serving our nation and impacting the world.

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